Electric Shutdown Valve

The ESD Valve can be used with an electric actuator that must be connected to either a 12v or 24v system. Sensors can be used to send a signal to the solenoid but ESD does not typically supply them. ESD supplies the valve with the electric actuator attached. The customer is responsible for connecting the solenoid to power. A pdf is supplied showing how to connect the solenoid.

The EA models have a fail safe option available for those who want to be able to close the valve in the event of power or air loss. A cable can be attached to the back of the plunger for emergency operation.

SizeTypeModel Number
1 ¾”Electric Actuation175 EA
2”Electric Actuation200 EA
2 ¼”Electric Actuation225 EA
2 ½”Electric Actuation250 EA

2 ¾"

Electric Actuation275 EA
3”Electric Actuation300 EA
4”Electric Actuation400 EA
5”Electric Actuation500 EA
6"Electric Actuation600EA


Customize Your ESD Valve

There are many features about the ESD Valves that can be customized. Because we machine each valve from billet aluminum in our Mori Seiki 9 axis machines, we can make changes quickly and easily. Tell us what you’d like and we’ll make it. ESD thinks it’s time you get the design you want instead of what other manufacturers want to sell you.

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